A mind-blowing natural beauty touched by the first touch of the most noble Sri Dalada


King Guhasiva’s day in India, the day of King Kitsiri who reigned in Anuradhapura in sri Lanka

For Sri Lankan Buddhists, Malwasi Vasina Day is a sacred day in which Lakmaniya, who is said to be the heir to one of the most beautiful natures on earth, is honored with great respect.

Faced with many obstacles and hardships, making great sacrifices, Prince Danta and Princess Hemamala visited Lakdiva, the luckiest place of worship in the world, and brought the most noble Sri Dalada, the pinnacle of the Buddhist people.

The two embarked from Tamralipti, a busy old port at the mouth of the river Ganga in India, and landed at the port of Lankapattana (present-day Ilangeithurai) in present-day Trincomalee district.

It is reported that on the way to Sri Lanka, Danta performed several miracles and the common people and gods and goddesses worshiped them.

Dalada traveled to the Savannah area of ​​Lankan Island called Lankapatuna, which has a beautiful environment with breathtaking views, beach screen, and mountain peaks. Then, the Lord Buddha proceeded to the place where the current Samudragiri Pagoda is located and started performing the ritual.